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Welcome to the KpS Clan Website!

Welcome to the KpS clan website. We are an active clan looking for players who play AssaultCube in Canada, North America, and Europe. As a growing clan, we offer a lot to keep our members occupied and coming back. We communticate using Skype and Teamspeak so that we're more connected. Good players and attitude is what we look for when players want to join. This clan is all about having a great time online and pwning with others who share our point of view. If you are addicted to being the best at AssaultCube and looking for a good time while destroying evryone else, go to our Apply page, fill out a form, and save yourself some pain.

About AssaultCube,

AssaultCube is a FREE multiplayer first-person shooter game, based on the CUBE engine. Taking place in realistic environments, with fast, arcade gameplay, it's addictive and fun! With efficient bandwidth usage, it's low-latency and can even run over a 56Kbps connection. It's tiny too, weighing in at a lightweight 40 MB package available for Windows, Mac and Linux. On the correct settings, it can even run on old hardware (Pentium III and above). Features in a nut-shell: It's FREE. Open source, available under a zlib-like open source license. Low latency, it can even run across a 56Kbps connection! Light-weight size, only 40MB to download, plus additional maps average 20KB each! With the correct settings, it can run on old hardware (Pentium III and above). Officially runs on most major systems, and maybe even some non-major ones? Has a built in, in-game map editor to help players create their own maps and allows for co-operative editmode in realtime with others! Features a single-player bot system. Supports recording of your game by the "demo" system. Contains 12 multiplayer game modes, including: Deathmatch, Survivor, Capture the Flag, Hunt the Flag, Keep the Flag, Pistol Frenzy, Last Swiss Standing & One-Shot One-Kill (plus team versions of these modes). Comes pre-packaged with 19 different maps!
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